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RUC 2017: Day One Highlights

Emmet Cole
by Emmet Cole on Sep 11, 2017 10:55:48 PM

Day 1 Highlights @ RUC 2017

-Robotiq CEO Samuel Bouchard Launches Lean Robotics
-Design, Intergrate & Operate Workshops
-Morning Presentations
-Video Recap


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Robotiq CEO Samuel Bouchard Launches Lean Robotics 

Robotiq CEO, Samuel Bouchard, launched a brand new methodology for robotic cell deployment and new software built to support it. 

Dubbed 'Lean Robotics,' the new methodology (which is all laid out in a freely-available book) was developed to help manufacturers deploy automated cells most efficiently and cost effectively. 


Inspired in part by lean manufacturing principles, lean robotics offers a radical new approach to the robot cell deployment process. In simplest terms, the new methodology can be broken down into three phases: Design, Integrate, and Operate. (More about these phases below.) 

SAM LEAN  1.jpg

Bouchard also officially launched Insights, a real-time robot monitoring system that provides the data you need to maximize cell efficiency and Blueprints, a free service to help you design your robotic cell. 

Find out more about the Insights software and the Lean Robotics methodology right here

image_uploaded_from_ios (1)-1.jpgThe RUC's visual signature was created by graphic artist Jeremy Couture

Design, Integrate & Operate Workshops 

Three packed workshops were held in the afternoon to lay out the details of the lean robotics methodology. 

In the Design workshop, attendees heard about Blueprints, a new free service from Robotiq that's designed to help you map your current processes. 

The Integration workshop showed how integration can be radically speeded up using Robotiq’s Plug + Play components and ready-to-use Skills applications --free, pre-built robot programs made to extend the built-in capabilities of your robot.

In the Operate workshop RUC attendees were shown how Insights (the real-time robot monitoring software) brings all the principles of lean robotics together by providing manufacturers with the data they need to refine their automated cells.  Lean robotics is desgined to help manufacturers achieve new levels of efficiency without sacrificing flexibility.  

Tomorrow, we'll see lean robotics in action. So stay tuned! 

Morning Presentations


In the first talk of Day One, Michelle Rodriguez, Manufacturing Leader at Deloitte Services LP's Center for Industry Insights, outlined Deloitte's vision for Industry 4.0 and shared 5 tips for manufacturers that are gearing up for the exponential chage that's already transforming the manufacturing industry.

Find all the details here


Next on stage was cobot visionary, Esben H. Østergaard, cofounder of Universal Robots and the firm's CTO. Østergaard shared his vision for Industry 5.0, which hinges on a radical rethink of traditional human-machine relationships. Find out more about the future of manufacturing right here


Video Recap 

Here's a quick video recap of the highlights of Day One. Enjoy! 


Did someone say Whiskey Bar?

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We'll be back tomorrow morning with a special event for cobot enthusiasts. Hope you can join us tomorrow! 


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