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The Power of Collaboration: Building Strong Partnerships for Customer Success

Samuel Bouchard
by Samuel Bouchard. Last updated on Jun 26, 2023 10:38 AM
Posted on Jun 09, 2023 8:38 AM. 7 min read time

In today's dynamic business landscape, where customer satisfaction reigns supreme, forging strong partnerships has become a vital ingredient for success. Robotiq recognized the transformative impact of collaboration from the very beginning.

With a steadfast commitment to providing their customers with the best service and turnkey solutions, Robotiq has harnessed the power of strategic alliances to drive customer-centric innovation.

From its inception, Robotiq understood that offering a comprehensive range of robotic solutions required more than just technical expertise. It necessitated a network of trusted partners who shared their vision of empowering customers and pushing the boundaries of automation technology. One notable partner that has been by Robotiq’s side is Olympus Controls. By cultivating a strong partnership, Robotiq, and Olympus Controls have delivered together unparalleled value and continuously adapted to meet the evolving need of their diverse customer base.  

Presenting Olympus Controls

As an automation solution provider specializing in components-level sales, sub-systems, and turnkey solutions, Olympus Controls brings a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge to the table. Olympus Controls has been a partner of Robotiq since day one.

When asked about their partnership, Bruce Hagerty, regional sales manager at Olympus Controls expressed his enthusiasm, stating: 

 "We've been able to implement Robotiq's solutions to the great success and happiness of our customers." 

By leveraging Robotiq's cutting-edge cobot technologies and Olympus Controls' high-tech mindset, they have become a trustworthy resource for their customers. 

This partnership extends beyond product sales. It encompasses a holistic approach that covers the entire customer journey. From initial evaluations to making demos readily available, both organizations continue to innovate and introduce new products to the market. As Bruce Hagerty mentions:

 “This commitment to advancement and collaboration sets Olympus Controls apart from competitors who do not have the privilege of being Robotiq's partner”.  

Robotiq and Olympus Controls' journey together over the past 15 years, has been marked by growth, innovation, and customer-centric solutions. Through this partnership, both businesses have consistently differentiated themselves in the market, enabling many companies to thrive and achieve their automation goals.


More benefits of a strong partnership

The stronger the collaboration between all stakeholders, the more significant the advantages become. 


One of the primary benefits of a robust partnership is the ability to deliver solutions that are uniquely tailored to the customer's needs. By fostering close relationships, the partnership creates an environment where innovative ideas can flourish. The collective expertise of all parties involved allows for the development of solutions that work seamlessly, providing customers with better outcomes and quicker results. This level of collaboration ensures that the solution not only meets the customer's requirements but also exceeds their expectations.

Streamline communication

Another key advantage is improved communication. By establishing a close-knit relationship between the end user, the vendor, and the local partner, communication barriers are broken down. This seamless flow of information allows for a deeper understanding of the customer's unique challenges and requirements. This avoids unwanted delays in the transfer of information, which can slow down the project.  

"I talk to Robotiq’s sales and support team weekly. I know people by name and I have their cellphone numbers. Anytime I need something, there's a quick answer." 

Gina Kim, Robotic Sales Specialist at Olympus Controls

This level of accessibility and responsiveness significantly benefits the partner and the customer, especially when time is of the essence. Quick problem-solving and timely support are invaluable, particularly when a customer is eager to have their newly purchased product set up and operational.


Evolving buying tendencies

Over the past two decades, there has been a noticeable shift in customers' buying tendencies, moving away from transactional purchases towards a preference for turnkey solutions. 

In the earlier years, customers would buy individual components and undertake the integration process in-house. However, around 2008, a significant change occurred with the financial crisis: companies cut back on the sizes of their in-house engineering teams, which put more pressure on the ones left. Customers, lacking time and resources, were seeking more comprehensive solutions from their distribution partners. 

This transition aligns with customers' growing expectations of acquiring a complete system that can seamlessly integrate into their existing production facilities or assembly lines. For example, when it comes to palletizing, customers may already have a conveyor setup and manually handle the palletizing process. In such cases, they seek a solution that can be readily dropped into their end-of-line palletizing station, enabling quick implementation and minimal disruption to existing processes.

This shift is driven by the desire for increased efficiency and reduced time to market. Customers no longer wish to spend significant resources on configuring and integrating individual components themselves. Instead, they value the ability to have a solution up and running in a remarkably short amount of time. By opting for turnkey solutions, customers can accelerate their production processes and focus on their core competencies, ultimately driving overall productivity and success.

The ability of Robotiq and Olympus Controls to adapt to this evolving customer demand is a testament to their commitment to providing comprehensive solutions. Both companies have positioned themselves as trusted partners that go beyond supplying individual parts. They offer integrated solutions, backed by design engineering expertise, to ensure customers receive turnkey systems that seamlessly meet their specific needs.


A turnkey solution?

A turnkey solution is a comprehensive and ready-to-use solution that allows customers to streamline their implementation process. When opting for a turnkey solution, customers can simply place a purchase order and, upon delivery, have the system up and running with the press of a button. This seamless integration eliminates the need for complex configuration and time-consuming setup, providing customers with immediate functionality and operational efficiency.

From a development standpoint, a turnkey solution is not a static product but rather a dynamic one. It is designed to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of customers. As new versions and upgrades are developed, the turnkey solution remains alive and continues to grow. Customers are thus buying into a solution that is constantly developing and improving over the long term. This adaptability allows customers to stay ahead of the curve, maximize productivity, and future-proof their operations.

Customers can rely on the fact that their investment is not limited to a one-time purchase but rather a solution that is actively developed and improved upon.

The benefits of a turnkey solution

The adoption of turnkey solutions has been driven by the numerous benefits they offer to customers. In today's market, there is a growing demand for products that are not only easier to use but also provide quick implementation, high quality, and simplicity for newer engineers and technicians on the production floor. These factors have become significant motivators for customers when making their buying decisions:

Improved Return on Investment (ROI): One of the primary benefits is the decrease in installation time compared to fully integrated traditional lines. By streamlining the implementation process, customers can reduce downtime and start realizing the benefits of the solution more quickly. This faster time-to-value translates into a better ROI, allowing customers to maximize their investment and achieve operational efficiencies sooner.

Fig. 12 Two cell deployment timelines

Standardization and Scalability: A turnkey solution provides customers with the opportunity to standardize their operations on a single solution: operators do not have to learn different solutions for different production lines. Furthermore, if a facility expands, the turnkey solution can serve as the backbone for future expansion according to the lean robotics methodology. This standardization simplifies training and reduces complexity, enabling smoother operations and enhancing productivity.

Single Point of Contact and Project Management: Customers benefit from having a single point of contact to guide them through the deployment process. Instead of dealing with multiple vendors and the challenges of assembling various components on-site, customers can rely on a dedicated project management approach. This streamlines communication, coordination, and troubleshooting, resulting in a more efficient and seamless implementation experience.


Long-term relationships

Robotiq emphasizes its focus on building long-term relationships and catering to repeat projects. This commitment to long-term partnerships ensures that customers receive consistent support, continuous improvement, and ongoing innovation. By nurturing these relationships, the companies can better understand customers' evolving needs and deliver solutions that align with their long-term goals.

But what sets Robotiq's partnerships apart is the unwavering focus on exceptional service. Recognizing that successful collaborations extend beyond the initial transaction, Robotiq, and its partners are committed to providing ongoing support, training, and expertise. This dedication to comprehensive customer care ensures that businesses can fully leverage the potential of their robotic solutions, yielding tangible results and a superior return on investment.

Tangible benefits result from these collaborations, from co-innovation and access to cutting-edge technology to streamlined implementation processes and optimized system performance. Strong partnerships contribute to Robotiq's mission of delivering turnkey solutions and exceptional service to their valued customers.

Robotiq's strong alliances empower partners to deliver exceptional value and drive more customer success. Choosing Robotiq as a partner means embracing collaboration, innovation, and the opportunity to stand out in a competitive market.

To see how this partnership recently contributed to a client’s success and satisfaction, discover our Case Study on Cascade Coffee.


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Samuel Bouchard
Written by Samuel Bouchard
Samuel is CEO and co-founder of Robotiq. His mission is to free human hands from repetitive tasks. He is also the author of Lean Robotics: A Guide to Making Robots Work in Your Factory. He lives in Québec City with his wife and four children.
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