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Insights Alerts Avoid Long Production Stops

David Maltais
by David Maltais on Oct 10, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Insights is Robotiq's new monitoring software for Universal Robots. It was launched in September at the Robotiq User Conference, but was tested during the summer by targeted end-users who deal with specific challenges. Today, we look at the benefits Insights brings to small sized factories.We visited WALT Machine Inc. this summer for a case study about how the Robotiq Wrist Camera and 2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper helped them to deliver more machined parts to production delays. Its president Tommy Caughey also received a test version of Insights. He knew right away how this software would help him. 

2F85-Wrist-Camera-Machine-Tending-Walt-Machine-66.jpgBased in Mississippi, WALT Machine Inc. produces parts for high-precision scientific cameras

24-Hour Alerts Reduces Downtime

"For me, the most interesting feature is certainly the alerts on the phone", Tommy explains. "Sometimes, my CNC Machine runs unattended all night long, so if the robot stops while no-one is in the shop, we lose a lot of production time. I've had Insights for 5 weeks now, and it happened a few times already that I've had a text from my robot saying that it has stopped for various reasons. I got back to the stop and restarted it in no time."


Insights also details the nature of the stop (protective, safeguard, emergency, idle state), so the user can identify the issue faster and prevent it from happening again. 

For WALT Machine, SMS alerts are useful during working hours as well. "The robot runs by itself most of the time. We're a three-employee shop. If no one works near the robot and there is some noise in the factory, who knows if it's stopped? That being said, I've received alerts while I was in my office, doing paperwork! We were able to save valuable time there too."

A Planning Tool

When a new day starts, Insights sends a daily email report of what Arthur, WALT Machine's UR10 robot, has achieved in the last 24 hours. Tommy Caughey then has all the data in one place. "The number I look the most after is cycle time. I can always count how many parts were produced manually, but I love to have everything all wrapped-up together. It is all in one simple email, ready when I arrive in the morning. I got used to it quickly."

2F140-Wrist-Camera-Machine-Tending-Walt-Machine-13 (1).jpg

Insights email report details the robot's daily production

WALT Machine Inc. hopes to start a new automation project in the coming years. The data provided by Insights will save many working  hours when the time to justify ROI comes. "By knowing exactly what I've done everyday with the robot, I am able to calculate quickly if any potential new investment makes sense."

And in a 3-employee shop that sometimes runs 24 hours a day, time is precious.

How productive was your robot today? Sign up for Insights


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David Maltais
Written by David Maltais
After a few years working as a journalist, David switched to corporate communications and public relations. He focuses on spreading Robotiq's voice around the world via medias, partners and influencers of the automation and manufacturing industries.
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