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Beyerdynamic Case Study: Doubled Production on Limited Floor Space

David Maltais
by David Maltais on Oct 3, 2017 7:00:00 AM

A year ago, German audio equipment leader beyerdynamic aimed to increase factory floor productivity by  50% on a 4-year plan. This had to be done in the same production space, without compromising the brand’s highest quality standards.

Automation was considered from the start. The Robotiq Wrist Camera and 2-Finger Gripper combo, installed on a Universal Robots UR5 model, rapidly became the best option. Beyerdynamic was able to have the robot pick every loudspeaker, regardless of how it was presented, and place it on the jigs to get sprayed with a glue medium.

Schnitt_v3.00_01_20_00.Standbild008 (1).png

Get the Full Case study to see:

  • How they doubled productivity of their first application automated with Robotiq Wrist Camera and 2-Finger Gripper
  • How they significantly improved this application's quality index
  • How they got their people to work in harmony with the robots

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David Maltais
Written by David Maltais
After a few years working as a journalist, David switched to corporate communications and public relations. He focuses on spreading Robotiq's voice around the world via medias, partners and influencers of the automation and manufacturing industries.
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