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Top DoF Contributor on the Cover of IMPO Magazine

Amanda Lee
by Amanda Lee on Nov 9, 2017 7:00:00 AM

What's happening on DoF this week?

  • Our top DoF contributor Matthew Bush is on the cover of IMPO magazine!
  • A DoF member needs your help for pick and place application ideas.
  • A hot topic on the community re-emerged: drawing circles with Universal Robots.
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IMPO Magazine Cover Starring a Top DoF Contributor


We made it on the cover of a renowned manufacturing media called Industrial Maintenance and Plant Operation! Even better, our top DoF contributor Matthewd92 is stealing the show on the cover! Take a closer look inside the RUC 2017 with Rachelle Blair-Frasier's article featured in this month's issue. She writes about the new lean robotics methodology and explores the new kind of robot coming to the forefront: collaborative robots.

UR Pick and Place Application Ideas

Usmanyounis wants to automate multiple applications in his shop and wants your suggestions to accomplish his projects. Here's a video of one of the actual applications he is looking to automate with Universal Robots. It includes the use of conveyors and the packaging of instant cup noodles! Read more about it here.

Drawing Arcs and Circles With a UR5

A popular discussion regained traction this past week on the community! VT_340 finally managed to make his UR draw circles on a table. He even helped out fLY9636 and Tom who are also working on trajectories with their own UR. Take a look at this awesome Instagram video VT_340 posted in regards to his accomplishment!




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