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Start Programming with Your 3-Finger Gripper Today Using the New URCap

Amanda Lee
by Amanda Lee on Feb 1, 2018 7:00:00 AM

What's happening on DoF this week?

  • Great news for you! Robotiq launched a brand new 3-Finger Gripper URCap
  • Get this easy safety trick for your teach pendant shared by Matthewd92

Learn more from automation Pros here!

Get the new 3-Finger Gripper URCap 


This week, we developed and launched a brand new URCap with a graphical user interface for the 3-Finger Gripper. With the new URCap, you can insert Gripper instruction nodes directly in the program tree.

More precisely the new features include:

  • A node for resetting and/or activating the Gripper
  • Gripper move nodes
  • An object detection node (packaged as an If statement)

For more information refer to this DoF discussion.

Easy safety tip for UR teach pendant


Matthewd92 shared an interesting hack for securing your UR teach pendant on the bracket. It's as easy as using a carabiner like those found in the camping aisle of your department store. Hopefully this trick will be useful for you! What do you use to secure your teach pendant?


 Did we miss anything? Ask the Pros on DoF!

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