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Monday Night Awards: And The Winners Are...

David Maltais
by David Maltais on Sep 12, 2017 5:32:30 PM

It's not everyday that you have all your partners in your home city!

Since we had everyone with us last night at the welcome dinner, it was the perfect moment to look back at the last 12 months and thank those who have been our best partners in every region of the globe this year.

And the winners are...


Best sales, 2016-2017, Americas: Axis New England!


Best Sales, 2016-2017, Europe, Jugard+Künstner GMBH!


Best Sales, 2016-2017, Asia, Nihon Binary!


Top DoF contributor, 2016-2017, none other than Matt Bush!
And the winner of the Presidential Award, 2016-2017... Enric Villa from Vicosystems!

Congratulations to all the winners but most of all, a big THANK YOU for believing in Robotiq. Now, it is time to celebrate. Let's continue to rock the RUC!

Stay tuned for a recap of day 2 tonight!


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David Maltais
Written by David Maltais
After a few years working as a journalist, David switched to corporate communications and public relations. He focuses on spreading Robotiq's voice around the world via medias, partners and influencers of the automation and manufacturing industries.
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