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Trending on DoF This Week - Jan. 12

Amanda Lee
by Amanda Lee.
Posted on Jan 12, 2017 7:00 AM. 3 min read time

What's trending on DoF this week? Force monitoring, establish an Ethernet/IP connection with the virtual robot of URSim, coval vacuum generator, light curtain and area scanner for safety on UR and much more. Get the latest news from automation Pros!

Force Monitoring 

Jason_g needs your help on a project he is working on requiring a tool change with Universal Robot. He is hoping to accomplish this without adding additional guarding due to the pinch point as he's moving into swap tools. What would be best practice for monitoring the force in your opinion?

Is it Possible to Establish an Ethernet/IP Connection With the Virtual Robot of URSim?

mbaril would like to know if anyone been capable of establishing an Ethernet/IP connection with the virtual robot of URSim. He has a configuration where his PC is the Ethernet/IP Scanner. Do you have any ideas to suggest that may not use the URSim?

Covel Vacuum Generator

vacuum generator.png

Sebastien has recently been asked by a client to change the vacuum generator they had on their existing robot. They had a vacuum generator that when it was on, it was always consuming air to keep the vacuum strong and on. The client decided to go with a Coval Lemax vacuum generator as you can see in the demo here. Do you have any vacuum pick and place applications?

Light Curtain and Area Scanner for Safety on UR


This discussion resurfaced with Sebastien's demo testing light curtains for a client. He decided to try the reduced mode of the UR. The Reer Light Curtains offers an easy setup. They have a way that you can wire them out such that they are in AUTO RESET mode. Take a look at the video above and learn about the full demo here.

machine tending playbook

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Amanda Lee
Written by Amanda Lee
As an e-marketing coordinator, Amanda focuses on Robotiq's content management. With her background in marketing, she hopes to bring valuable, relevant, and consistent content to our audience through the blog, social media and video center.
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