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Make a Robot and 3D Printer Work Together

Amanda Lee
by Amanda Lee on Sep 7, 2017 7:00:00 AM

What's happening on DoF this week?

  • How would you go around sending very long scripts for 3D printing applications?
  • Help Maria to visually configure her Gripper in Rviz
  • Interested in knowing if the FT 300 is compatible with the ABB IRC5? We have the answer!
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Sending Scripts to a 3D Printer


Francescop needs to send very long programs to the robot in order for it to work with an extruder, like a 3D printer. Since there is not much memory in the robot, he is wondering if there is a way to send the code line by line. Have you ever performed a task like that before? Share your thoughts with Francesco!

Compatibility of the FT 300 with the ABB IRC5


LiuYi wanted to know if the FT 300 Force Torque Sensor is compatible with the ABB IRC5. As Etienne_Samson pointed out, the FT 300 and FT 150 are standard Modbus RTU slave units, which means you can convert the Modbus signal to any fieldbus to communicate with any robot. Read more about it here!

Gripper Visual in Rviz

Mariaevinne is working with the Robotiq Gripper on an SIA5 Motoman arm. She wants the Gripper model to visually open and close in Rviz. Instead of editing right away the urdf, she'd like to know if a Gripper visualization already exists in Rviz. Do you know about it? Let Maria know!

Download the Essential Guide to   Force Sensors in Robotics Research

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