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Use the Same Robot for More Than One Job

Sebastian Novais
by Sebastian Novais on May 17, 2018 10:21:42 AM

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  • Read about how others deploy their robots for more than one job!
  • See how Scott Fetzer Electrical Group deploys robots for different tasks every day.

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Use the Same Robot for More Than One Job


Deploying a robot in the leanest possible manner sometimes means being able to move your robot to different robotic cells.

This past month, EmileDerache posted about the possibility of moving a robot from one setup station to another. Roehlkk suggested keeping the robot’s moves relative to a feature, or using fixtures to keep the robot in place, in order to have better repeatability.

Have you ever deployed your robot and then repurposed it at another station? Whether you’ve done so successfully, you’re thinking about it, or you need some help doing so, we invite you to share your thoughts and experiences!


See how Scott Fetzer Electrical Group integrates robots throughout the production line

Having the ability to deploy your robot at multiple stations throughout the production line could be key to helping you create more value for your customers. At SFEG, workers move collaborative robots to the workstations where production is needed most. Check out how they do it!



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Sebastian Novais
Written by Sebastian Novais
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