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Start Picking Your Objects Efficiently With the Wrist Camera and 2-Finger Gripper

Amanda Lee
by Amanda Lee on Aug 10, 2017 7:00:00 AM

What's happening on DoF this week? New program template helps you save time by picking parts without any waypoints or Gripper moves. Help the Pros by calculating geometric models of a mobile manipulator and placing sub-programs efficiently. Learn more from automation Pros here!

Easily Auto-Pick Your Objects With the Wrist Camera and 2-Finger Gripper

A new program template is now available on DoF to help you save time picking your parts with the Wrist Camera and the 2-Finger GripperIt contains a script function that allows the robot to automatically pick an object that has been previously taught to the vision system without having to teach waypoints and Gripper actions. Take a look at the final result below.

Calculate Geometric Models of a Mobile Manipulator

Samir a PhD student wants help with his thesis about developing a new control law for a mobile manipulator. So far he was able to determine the direct geometric model for the mobile manipulator (mobile Base + Manipulator) , but didn’t succeed in calculating the inverse geometric model of the mobile manipulator (Base+Manipulator). Do you know how to? If so, help him out!

Suggest Efficient Sub-Programs

Matthewd92 is always helping out other DoF members on the community! Recently it was the case for AZalmanov concerning the placement of his sub-programs. Matthew came up with a great example of code that Anthony can easily use in his program. Take a look into the solution! Or maybe you have an alternative to suggest?

 Did we miss anything?  Ask the Pros on DoF!

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Amanda Lee
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