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Watch RIA Webinar on Robotic Welding Here

JA Carette
by JA Carette. Last updated on May 05, 2016 4:26 PM
Posted on Sep 16, 2013 11:38 AM. 3 min read time

Intro Robotic Welding webinar 2013 logo watch it hereRobotic Industries Association (RIA) presented another of their educational webinars on September 12th, this one titled 'Introduction to Robotic Welding'. The subject matter for this particular webinar was designed to familiarize you with the different types of robotic welding that are available today. Mr. Adil Shafi, from Advenovation, who presented the webinar, initially highlighted the benefits of robotic welding with a basic overview and a brief history of robotic welding.

A brief description of several different types of welding followed, you can find a past blog by Catherine Bernier, which also presents this information here. The importance of regulating weld schedules including: voltage, amperage, electrode size, and wire speed was also mentioned, as well as the importance of flexible tool changers for certain robotic welding applications.

Mr Shafi, also commented on the upcoming release of the Kinetiq Teaching solution, which will make robotic welding programming much more easy and intuitive for the workers overseeing the production line, because they can use the teaching tool to easily designate where the weld should be placed eliminating the complex programming often required in the past.

He then went on to show several videos of different types of welding applications in action, for example a spot welding application with Kawasaki robots was one video and an impressive application also using Kawasaki robots showed two robots working in cooperation on a motorcycle, each working in relationship to the other, one moving the piece and the other welding the piece.

Mr. Shafi then hosted a panel discussion which included: Mark Oxlade from ABB , Joshua Neville of Wolf Robotics and Chris Anderson of Yawasaka – Motoman in which questions concerning robotic welding applications and implementation costs were discussed. Although technical difficulties prevent Mr. Oxlade from participating, Mr. Neville and Mr. Anderson picked up the slack providing information about how to choose the right application for your needs and the importance of starting with a simple application and building expertise. This was obviously sound advice from experts who have seen many applications implemented.

All in all, the expertise offered in this free webinar is well worth taking advantage of and a follow-up webinar on 'Advanced Welding Techniques' is planned for October 24th ,which will surely offer further information for those interested in improving or branching out into robotic welding applications.

This webinar which was sponsored by Robotiq will be available for a limited time , so take advantage of it by viewing the RIA webinare, 'Introduction to Robotic Welding'.




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JA Carette
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