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Robobusiness Online Robotics Conference

JA Carette
by JA Carette. Last updated on May 05, 2016 4:28 PM
Posted on Aug 07, 2012 6:50 AM. 3 min read time

On July 25th Robotic Trends presented the Robobusiness Online Conference arobobusinesslogo resized 600s part of the Robotic Trends Online Virtual Conference Series. One of the objectives of this business conference was to discuss the unique circumstances of the robotics industry today, which intersects with and has been inserted into many other varied industries from healthcare to transportation to defense. The conference is a way for vastly differing companies to interact and exchange information, which is not always available or visible within their normal daily business interactions. Having the chance to think about and discuss the present state of the robotics industry is essential to any industry and is especially important given the diversity available in robotics. 

The Keynote speaker Dan Kara, President of Electra Studios, presented an overview of a select set of technologies that are currently driving robotics innovation. He specifically talked about the current development of hardware and software components and how these changes are feeding the explosion of robotics in many different fields, thus allowing them to be more mobile, dexterous, autonomous and omnipresent. 

Other speakers included:

  • Alexandra Dopplinger of Freescale whose presentation titled Securing Automated Systems discussed security challenges related to the heavily automated and interconnected systems found in industrial and service robotics, factory automation, industrial transportation, as well as certain critical infrastructure.

  • Erin Rapack of Adept Technology whose presentation titled RoboBusiness Workshop Preview: “Why NOW is the time to become a Next-Generation Robotics Integrator” spoke of how manufacturers could compete with offshore companies through the implementation of automated systems and how robotic integrators were key to this transition into new markets such as food production, warehousing, picking and palletizing, and service.  

  • Sarjoun Skaff of Bossa Nova Robotics whose presentation titled Cloud Robotics – an Overview expanded on how cloud services can augment robots by greatly increasing their capabilities while reducing their costs, as well as the present state of cloud robotic research and technologies.

  • Steve Kelly of Myomo whose presentation titled Robotics in Healthcare discussed the opportunities, challenges, future trends and the cost benefits of incorporating robotics within the healthcare continuum.

  • Dan D’Aquila of Infranor Inc. whose presentation titled SlotlessServo Motors Ideal for Robotic Applications detailed the features and benefits of the Infranor slotless motor design which are well suited for robotic applications including manufacturing, material handling, military, mobile and service sectors. 

  • Corey Clothier from the US Army TARDEC division whose presentation titled Our Path to Automated Vehicles showcased how the US Army is implementing a series of pilot projects that will integrate intelligent transportation systems with other robotized systems on military bases and in RobotTown, an emerging national living laboratory. This presentation emphasized how the US program was looking to the future of robotic integration and opened a door for interested people and projects to join their team of world-class partners.

So all in all, you can see the diversity of the discussion and this is why I say that such broad thinking is great for robotics, as it certainly gives you plenty to mull over and plenty of new ideas to think about, regardless of your particular robotic interest.


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JA Carette
Written by JA Carette
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