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Robotiq writers blog about what drives us as a company and what we consider as the new way of thinking about industrial manufacturing, automation and robotics including: the latest breakthroughs, flexible industrial automation, and high-mix, low- volume manufacturing.


Robotiq’s servo grippers are designed to handle a wide variety of parts with a single gripper and thus avoids using custom tooling and tool changing systems.


A compact and flexible electric gripper to pick all your parts, eliminate changeovers and reduce custom development time and cost.

Parallel Robot Gripper


Robtiq Adaptive Robot  Gripper 2 Finger 200 encompassing

Use a single, mechanically intelligent robot gripper to handle all your parts to reduce tooling costs, eliminate changeovers, and maximize ROI

A robot gripper with hand-like capabilities designed for industrial automation.

Robot Hand Gripper

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End Effector Gripping Strategies

robotic custom fingertips

Most of the time, the choice of a gripper can be narrowed down to: Can I use this Gripper for my applications? Even if the gripper has awesome specifications, if it cannot grasp the right object or execute the required task... it's not the right gripper for your application. This article presents numerous strategies that we have seen over the years on how you might best use a gripper in different applications. 

Force Torque Sensor for Universal Robots

Robotics assembly robot gripper force torque sensor FT web 2

This article presents the package for our new FT 150 Force Torque Sensor. This pairing will allow you to creates a whole new array of applications for this popular collaborative robot. 

What is Included in Robotic Welding Systems?

welding cell components

Considering getting into robotic welding? This article should help you wrap your head around robotic welding systems. What's considered a basic necessity for these welding machines? What are the possible different accessories for a robotic welding cell.

Top Manufacturers of Robotic Tool Changers

tool changers

Robotic tool changers are useful devices when you only have one robot station to carry out different processes. This short article collects a list of the main providers of robotic tool changers.

Robobusiness 2014 : Celebrating 10 Years of Robotics Business


Robobusiness is turning 10 this year and I had the privilege to be on the Advisory Council for this conference. Is the 70% increase in paid attendees and 33% increase in sponsorship a sign that robotics is at the much anticipated inflection point? To put this in perspective, it's always interesting to go back to similar articles that we've written after attending previous Robotics Trends' events (Robobusiness 2013, Robodevelopment 2007). Here are a few highlights from this year's event held recently in Boston.

Robobusiness 2014: What is Advanced Manufacturing with Robots?

robot gripper

Last week during Robobusiness a Workshop on Advanced Manufacturing was held. As a sponsor of the event, we've put together a little video with some sequences coming from our customers to ask the question: "What is advanced manufacturing?" Is it experts pushing he boundaries of robotics? Or is it making robots accessible for everyone? In fact, the workshop answered mostly the latter question. Many discussions seemed like a flashback from the recent RIA Collaborative Robot Workshop. Here are a few notes and afterthoughts.

More Than Just a Parallel Gripper: How Does It Works?

robot gripper specifications

We have been providing different types of Adaptive Grippers for industrial and research applications since 2008. However, what does Adaptive really mean? And what is the difference between our Grippers and other regular parallel grippers. This blog post will give you the main points of what is so unique about our Adaptive Grippers. 

6-Axis Force Torque Sensor, What Does it Means?

force torque sensor assembly

We recently launched a 6-axis Force Torque Sensor on the market. This article is to familiarize you more with this type of device. 

Sales of Parallel Robots Surged in 2013

International Federation of Robotics

According to the latest Word Robotics report published by the International Federation of Robotics, sales of parallel robots were up 39% from 1,632 units in 2012 to 2,943 units in 2013. This increased demand comes mainly from the United States where sales of parallel robots surged 88% from 306 units in 2012 to 1,104 units in 2013. The reason for this increase was a considerable number of orders for Delta robots and the like from the food and beverage industry, as well as from the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Indeed, the main applications for parallel robots are pick and place, packaging, and material handling.

Flexible Robotic Machine Tending Case Study

2-finger adaptive gripper case study

Simplicity, high ROI and flexibility convinced one of the largest manufacturers of electric motors in the world to manufacture some of their components using a Universal Robot paired with a 2-Finger Adaptive Gripper - 85. See what improvements they have made to their CNC machine operations and how they increased their production in the following article. 

For one of the largest electric motor manufacturers in the world with plants in different countries around the world and more than 13,000 employees, having an efficient process is always a priority. One of the most important components of an electric motor is the rotor shaft. The process required dealing with 3 different pieces of machining equipment, including 2 turning lathes and 1 keyseat milling machine. The whole process required up to a dozen manual tasks. The production involved between 300 and 500 rotor shafts a day depending on the shaft diameter.

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