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Robotiq writers blog about what drives us as a company and what we consider as the new way of thinking about industrial manufacturing, automation and robotics including: the latest breakthroughs, flexible industrial automation, and high-mix, low- volume manufacturing.


Robotiq’s servo grippers are designed to handle a wide variety of parts with a single gripper and thus avoids using custom tooling and tool changing systems.


A compact and flexible electric gripper to pick all your parts, eliminate changeovers and reduce custom development time and cost.

Parallel Robot Gripper


Robtiq Adaptive Robot  Gripper 2 Finger 200 encompassing

Use a single, mechanically intelligent robot gripper to handle all your parts to reduce tooling costs, eliminate changeovers, and maximize ROI

A robot gripper with hand-like capabilities designed for industrial automation.

Robot Hand Gripper

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What is ROS and ROS-Industrial for Robots?

ROS Industrial

ROS is an open-source collaborative system designed to help share the code needed to manipulate your robot. Originally ROS was not intended for industrial use, but rather started in 2007 as a project at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in conjunction with more than twenty institutions that collaborated on the development model. It was not until 2011 that Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), Willow Garage (now disbanded), and Yaskawa-Motoman Robotics expanded on ROS with ROS-Industrial to bring advanced robotics software to the industrial automation domain. The first industrial manipulator to run an industrial robot client was a Motoman SIA 20D with DX100 controller, which would become the architecture for the driver layer in the ROS-I socket interface for manipulation.

How to Choose the Right Industrial Robot?

Industrial Robot Axes

On this blog, we often discuss industrial robots. For some people, robotic vocabulary may seem simple to understand, but for someone who is looking to buy their first industrial robot, it may be confusing. This article will give you the main vocabulary and a general overview of where to look when buying an industrial robot.

When will Service Robots be able to Assist Humans Day-to-Day?

Asimo Household Robot Future

While industrial robotics seem to be reaching new heights with human-robot collaboration and agile manufacturing, service robotics still seem to be slow at entering our daily lives.

Exotic Robot Applications: Robotics in Mining Operations

Automated Digging and Loading - Mining Robots and Automation

Robotic and automated applications are usually found in big industrial plants that require repetitive human tasks. This automation is designed to increase human safety and enhance the general productivity of the plant. We have seen applications in automotive industries, medical manufacturing as well as for general purposes. However, automation is now being introduced into an even more heavy-duty industry: mining. In fact, mining operations are renown as unsafe and dangerous places, this is why companies have developed ways to get the job done more effectively while enhancing safety. Here are a couple of applications that grabbed our attention in mining automation.

What does Flexibility in Automated Manufacturing Means?

Robot Hands and Grippers - Flexibility vs Performance Chart

In the industrial automation world, the word flexibility is often used. We’ve heard about flexible robot grippers, flexible manufacturing, flexible robotic cells and even flexible plants, but what does flexible mean? How can I become flexible? What’s the point of having flexibility? These are all questions that you might have already asked yourself. Let’s try to answer a couple of these questions and make flexibility clearer.

How to Choose External Maintenance Services for Welding Robots

Robot Maintenance - Power Source Repair

Maintenance! The most important thing for proper manufacturing and probably the most neglected part of manufacturing automation. To keep your production line running, to have good precision and repetitivity and to reduce shut down, you want to have a schedule for all of your machines - from computer numerical control or CNC machines, to welding power sources, everything must be considered.

5 Factors to Consider Before Moving to a Robotic Welding Process

Welding Robot

Incorporating an industrial automation operation into a manufacturing process can be a scary investment to make. In fact, the money down is quite extensive and the payback must be rigorously calculated. If you want to make sure that you have a good return on investment (ROI), take a look at the 5 factors you should consider before switching to an automated welding system for your manufacturing process.

7 Tips to Improve your Robotic Welding Systems

Robotic Welding Automation

There are many welding robots and even more applications that can be integrated into your workshop. To get the best welding operations out of your robotic cell, you should be aware of a couple of tips. These tips will enhance your productivity and reduce your downtime for robotic welding applications in industrial automation. Make sure to have the following 7 points working in your welding workshop to make your investment worthwhile.

Robotiq 2-Finger Adaptive Gripper Now Packaged for Baxter Research

2 finger robot gripper on baxter rethink robotics 336px

Following the latest Software update by Rethink Robotics for Baxter, our engineering team here at Robotiq has developed a package for the research version of this collaborative robot and our 2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper - 85

Top 5 Commercial Applications for Robotic Companies

Robotic Brigo Coffee Kiosk

A lot of R & D, hard work and effort has been made by several companies over the last few years to push them to be on the leading edge in the robotic world. Sometimes, it is just a question of timing—having the right idea at the right moment for a specific field. Commercializing a robot is all about finding an application that will provide a good return on investment. Here are the commercial robotic applications that caught our attention.

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