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Robotiq writers blog about what drives us as a company and what we consider as the new way of thinking about industrial manufacturing, automation and robotics including: the latest breakthroughs, flexible industrial automation, and high-mix, low- volume manufacturing.


Robotiq’s servo grippers are designed to handle a wide variety of parts with a single gripper and thus avoids using custom tooling and tool changing systems.


A compact and flexible electric gripper to pick all your parts, eliminate changeovers and reduce custom development time and cost.

Parallel Robot Gripper


Robtiq Adaptive Robot  Gripper 2 Finger 200 encompassing

Use a single, mechanically intelligent robot gripper to handle all your parts to reduce tooling costs, eliminate changeovers, and maximize ROI

A robot gripper with hand-like capabilities designed for industrial automation.

Robot Hand Gripper

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Flexible Robotic Machine Tending Case Study: Regal Beloit

2-finger adaptive gripper case study

Simplicity, high ROI and flexibility convinced Regal Beloit to manufacture some of their components using a Universal Robot paired with a 2-Finger Adaptive Gripper - 85. See what improvements they have made to their CNC machine operations and how they increased their production in the following article. 

Regal Beloit is one of the largest electric motor manufacturers in the world. With plants in different countries around the world and more than 13,000 employees, having an efficient process is always a priority. One of the most important components of an electric motor is the rotor shaft. They really wanted to enhance this process at the Black River Falls, Wisconsin plant. The process required dealing with 3 different pieces of machining equipment, including 2 turning lathes and 1 keyseat milling machine. The whole process required up to a dozen manual tasks. The production involved between 300 and 500 rotor shafts a day depending on the shaft diameter.

Flexible Electric Grippers in Industry: Success Scenarios

flexible robot gripper

If you follow our blog you have probably recognized a trend in our blog posts. We often talk about flexibility. In fact, we since we find this such an important aspect of adaptive grippers we  put a lot of emphasis on showing people what are the advantages of having flexibility in manufacturing. More precisely flexible grippers. These grippers are not meant for all types of applications, however they can be leveraged to open new applications requiring flexibility. This article is about some of the applications that could benefit from using flexible grippers. 

Top 5 Applications for Robotic Electric Grippers

machine tending gripper

Electric servo grippers offer a different set of functionality than pneumatic grippers. They trade speed and force for flexibility. In fact having specifications such as programmable; stroke, force and speed can make your applications a lot easier. To figure out for which applications is this useful, read on.

What are the Sources of Robot Inaccuracy?

robot accuracy

Many industrial applications require accurate robots to achieve critical tasks, such as aeronautic manufacturing [1] and metrological inspection [2]. However, industrial robots do not often offer height accuracy. Robotic inaccuracy is attributed to several error sources, which are divided into three main categories: Active joint errors, kinematic errors and non-kinematic errors. By active joints, we refer to the articulated and actuated joints of a robot, since some joints are articulated but not actuated, for example in parallel robots, these are called passive joints.

ROS with the Robotiq Force Torque Sensor

force torque sensor

Force torque sensors are used in research for many advanced robotic manipulations. At the same time, ROS is widely adopted by top academic and corporate research teams around the world. This is why we developed a ROS package for our recently released FT 150 Force Torque Sensor. This sensor and our other Robotiq devices can be programmed with ROS libraries.

Choosing the Right Electric Gripper

servo gripper

There are a lot of different robot grippers on the market. However, there are two very distinct types of industrial gripper available; Electric Grippers and Pneumatic Grippers. Electric grippers can be very useful in specific robotic applications compared to pneumatic grippers. Although, in the electric gripper family, there are several differences between them. The following article goes into more detail about the differences between these various types of electric grippers. 

How to Program Robotic Welders with Kinetiq Teaching

welding programming

If you are following our blog you must have heard of Kinetiq Teaching. Even if we say that programming a welding robot is easier with Kinetiq Teaching, you probably would like to have proof to believe it, right? This is why we created a series of videos that show you how to program a welding robot using Kinetiq Teaching.  Or you could come and visit one of our live demonstrations that are given periodically at different shows and expositions. The next one is listed at the end of this article.

What are Accuracy and Repeatability in Industrial Robots?

Repeatability and Accuracy resized 600

An industrial robot has many metrology or measurable characteristics, which will have a direct impact on the effectiveness of the robot during the execution of its tasks. The main measurable characteristics are repeatability and accuracy. Roughly speaking, the repeatability of a robot might be defined as its ability to achieve repetition of the same task. On the other hand, accuracy is the difference (i.e. the error) between the requested task and the obtained task (i.e. the task actually achieved by the robot). In robotics, when talking about repeatability and accuracy, their meanings are often confused. So, repeatability is doing the same task over and over again, while accuracy is hitting your target each time.

RIA International Collaborative Robots Workshop - 5 Key Takeaways

INTL Collaborative Robots Logo 300w resized 600

I am just back from San Jose, California, where I had the chance to speak and attend the 2nd RIA International Collaborative Robots Workshop. My talk was on Grippers for Collaborative Robots. The workshop was well attended by end users, vendors and integrators. Conclusion: Collaborative robots are more than buzz words. They're shaking the market and are about to change the game of industrial automation. Here are my notes from the event.

Pre-engineered Robotic Welding Systems

kinetiq teaching

Looking at your first welding robot? Wondering about what the cost of integration will be? Maybe even considering buying the robot and doing the integration yourself? Why can't you just buy a robotic welding cell the way you would buy a CNC machine? These are all good questions. And some of the answers to them might be found in the various pre-engineered robotic welding systems offered on the market.

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