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Robotiq writers blog about what drives us as a company and what we consider as the new way of thinking about industrial manufacturing, automation and robotics including: the latest breakthroughs, flexible industrial automation, and high-mix, low- volume manufacturing.


Robotiq’s servo grippers are designed to handle a wide variety of parts with a single gripper and thus avoids using custom tooling and tool changing systems.


A compact and flexible electric gripper to pick all your parts, eliminate changeovers and reduce custom development time and cost.

Parallel Robot Gripper


Robtiq Adaptive Robot  Gripper 2 Finger 200 encompassing

Use a single, mechanically intelligent robot gripper to handle all your parts to reduce tooling costs, eliminate changeovers, and maximize ROI

A robot gripper with hand-like capabilities designed for industrial automation.

Robot Hand Gripper

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Next Level for Human-Robot Collaboration – The CHARM Project

Human Robot Collaboration - Charm Project

The next step in human-robot collaboration is to allow the human worker to control the robot without a teach pendant or controller. In fact, the ''Collaborative, Human-focused, Assistive Robotics for Manufacturing'' (CHARM) project is able to identify different human motions and react to these movements. The vision of the project is that future industrial robots will assist people in the workplace, support workers in a variety of tasks, improve manufacturing quality and processes, and increase productivity. CHARM is a multi-institutional project involving UBC (University of British-Columbia), Laval University and McGill University (Canada). All three universities bring different knowledge and ideas to the project.

Robotic Material Handling Case Study - Robotiq Adaptive Gripper

Concept Systems - Robot Gripper Material Handling Case StudyConcept Systems is always searching for the most efficient and flexible material handling systems for their customers. Many companies count on their workers to make the adaptations necessary in handling a wide variety of workpieces, but are faced with serious cost problems when they need to execute similar tasks with robots.  

The Challenge

  • Automate the system for the highest ROI for their customers
  • Adaptive end effector and software
  • Be able to handle various parts up to 20 lbs
  • Improved data processing and material handling

The Solution

New Controller for 2-Finger Adaptive Gripper-85

test 12

At Robotiq we are always seeking to make life easier for our customers. We work hard to include new features on our Grippers or devices that answer the feedback from end-users and distributors. Recently we came out with a new controller (Universal Controller) for our 2-Finger Adaptive Gripper-85. It is actually the exact same controller that the 2-Finger Adaptive Gripper-200 is using. With this new fit we wanted to unify our Gripper's control method. So we have decided that the Universal Controller will be able to be used on the next generation of the 2-Finger Adaptive Gripper-85, the present and next version of the 2-Finger Adaptive Gripper-200, as well as with Kinetiq Teaching. The following article will give you the main upgrades and advantages of the Universal Controller when used with our Robot Grippers.

How Does the Robotiq Gripper Self-Locking System Work?

Robotiq C-model Gripper - Auto-locking

Choosing an end-effector for your robot can sometimes be confusing. In fact, a lot of different options are available which might suit your application. When looking for a robot gripper you want it to be reliable, repeatable, precise and safe. Some robot grippers out there are touted as super accurate with good repeatability, but what happens if the air or electricity runs out… The object that is in the gripper can fall and break and/or injure the human workers that are near the robot. This is why all of our Robot Grippers are self-locking. With the growing presence of the collaborative robot in the manufacturing world, we wanted to make a safe robotic Gripper that will keep its grasp on the object if the energy source runs out or if there is a fail in the programming method.

Handy New How-to Videos on Kinetiq Teaching

Kinetiq Teaching - Welding Robot Functionalities

Here are two new videos showing you how to create, import and export jobs with Kinetiq Teaching. The second video demonstrates some different motions types, adjustments and control options. You might think that this must be complicated, but it's actually quite simple with our touch-screen intuitive interface. These videos will definitely help you to have more precision, control and efficiency with the Kinetiq Teaching Welding Solution.

Human-Robot System Detects Gas Leaks

Robotic Gas Leak Detector

Efficient and effective maintenance is crucial for every industry. In the case of industries with intensive capital investments, it is even more relevant. For these industries, proper maintenance has an important impact on their operation costs during the long life cycle of their production.

ROS Package for Robotiq Grippers

ROS Industrial

In the last couple of months we have noticed an increased interest in the ROS package for the Robotiq Adaptive Grippers. This programming method is well established in the research community and is beginning to transfer its good reputation to the industrial automation world as well. This article will explain the basics of ROS and will guide you through different components of the ROS package for Robotiq.

How to Use Object Detection with Robotiq's Adaptive Grippers?

Robotiq Adaptive Gripper with an egg resized 600

All the Robotiq Adaptive Grippers have a built-in object detection function. In fact, this article will present to you the main points on this device and will show you how to read and interpret the data used for object detection. You should notice that it is a built-in function on all our Robot Grippers, so no additional tasks or programming lines need to be added to the robot program.

How to Videos on Kinetiq Teaching - Teach your Welding Robot by Demonstration

Teach your Welding Robot by Demonstration with Kinetiq Teaching

We have put together two videos to help you get the most out of Kinetiq Teaching (KT). The first one shows you how to activate Kinetiq Teaching and the other one gives you tips and advice to boost your efficiency when using the Kinetiq Teaching solution. As a reminder, Kinetiq Teaching enables you to teach a welding robot by hand-guiding its arm through welding trajectories and easily set welding parameters with no in-depth knowledge of programming thanks to its intuitive interface.

Robotic Machine Tending Case Study - Robotiq Adaptive Gripper

universal robot

Inertia Switch, a manufacturer of all kinds of switches for high-tech industries and a full-service manufacturing provider in aerospace, mechanical and electrical products, used the full benefits of automation for a machine tending application involving the Robotiq Adaptive Gripper and Universal Robots.

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