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Robotiq writers blog about what drives us as a company and what we consider as the new way of thinking about industrial manufacturing, automation and robotics including: the latest breakthroughs, flexible industrial automation, and high-mix, low- volume manufacturing.


Robotiq’s servo grippers are designed to handle a wide variety of parts with a single gripper and thus avoids using custom tooling and tool changing systems.


A compact and flexible electric gripper to pick all your parts, eliminate changeovers and reduce custom development time and cost.

Parallel Robot Gripper


Robtiq Adaptive Robot  Gripper 2 Finger 200 encompassing

Use a single, mechanically intelligent robot gripper to handle all your parts to reduce tooling costs, eliminate changeovers, and maximize ROI

A robot gripper with hand-like capabilities designed for industrial automation.

Robot Hand Gripper

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How to Install the 2-Finger 85 Adaptive Gripper on Universal Robots

easy gripper installation on universal robots

Our goal at Robotiq is to facilitate the integration of robotic grippers in automation processes. As integration includes everything from installing the gripper on the robot to the introduction of the gripper/robot arm into the manufacturing process. We want to make sure each step is the easiest possible for the end user. This is why we provide tools to accelerate the installation of our Gripper on most robots. Here we are introducing our new 2-Finger 85 Adaptive Gripper on a Universal Robots. Take a look at the different steps and at the video to see how easy it is. 

Machining with Industrial Robots

machine shop robot

The machining world has been using robots for a little while. Mostly to do machine tending. Although, with a lot of technological progress, industrial robots are now ready to do machining. In fact, with processes that must deal with more crazy shapes and differing rigidities, an industrial robot can be a great alternative. 

The Best Electric Gripper for Universal Robots

2-finger 85 on universal robots

We have recently launch a new version of our 2-Finger 85 Adaptive Gripper. It has been designed with collaborative robots in mind. In fact, with a payload that can suit a lot of collaborative robot applications and other interesting specifications, this flexible gripper is a good addition to your collaborative working cell. Even if it can fit with most collaborative robots, the 2-Finger 85 matches perfectly with the Universal Robots' UR5 and UR10 collaborative models. Because this Gripper fits so well with the UR5 and 10, we are providing a complete kit for these specific robots. In fact, the kits includes a Gripper and all the accessories you need to fit it on your Universal Robots. 

How Can an Industrial Robot Be Calibrated?

industrial robot calibration

Robot manufacturers claim to have a given accuracy and repeatability. Although, all of these specifications can only work when a proper calibration has been done on the robot. The calibration process for industrial robots is composed of four main steps:

New Electric Gripper Plus Kit for Universal Robots

2-finger 85 adaptive gripper

Robotiq releases a new version of the 2-Finger 85 Adaptive Gripper. Twice as strong and 50% faster than its already successful predecessor, this new Gripper has been designed for robots having a payload of between 5 to 10 kg that are used in high-mix applications. 

Fast Setup for Robotic Welders at Fabtech

fabtech robot

Fabtech, the largest metal fabrication show in the US, is happening in Atlanta this week. Robotiq and partners are presenting Kinetiq Teaching, a device designed to make your robotic welder fast and easy to program, even reducing the setup time between runs. We are also displaying our latest 2-Finger Adaptive Gripper.

What are the Important Robot Force Torque Sensor Specifications?

robot force torque sensor

I remember buying my first computer, there was a lot of technical data to compare, so I ended up asking the salesperson 'What was the best for me?'. However, at the moment you cannot go to the closest robot store and ask for the best force torque sensor. The following article explains the basics on FT sensor specifications. So you can determine what is the best for you.

Choosing the Right Gripper for Your Robot

pneumatic electric robot gripper

Most of the time our blog posts are about functionalities or how a specific kind of gripper works. Although, we have never talked about which gripper can fit on a given robot. In fact, this could be a real puzzle for the end user. What do you need to look at and what are the main tips for choosing the right gripper for your robot. 

URCaps : App Store for Universal Robots

universal robots URCaps

The app store model is awesome for phones and tablets. Using this model, rich ecosystems have developed around these platforms, adding tremendous value to the phone or tablet you're using. Think about yours: are you using more of the basic functionalities or the apps that you've downloaded? Could this model be translated to robots? This is an intriguing question. There are already some attempts to improve robot functionality this way, see: Robotappstore and Robotshop. Upcoming Jibo is also presented as a potential platform for developers. And of course there's ROS. On the industrial robotics side, Universal Robots is experimenting with a similar concept, having launched URCaps.

How Can Industrial Robot Accuracy Be Improved?

robot accuracy

Perhaps you are doing very precise applications and you want to know what are the best ways to improve your robot accuracy. Well, unfortunately there is no magic solutions for this problem, but maybe we can help you think about what are the likely scenarios that can generate inaccuracies and by removing them, improve accuracy. 

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