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Robotiq 2-Finger Adaptive Gripper Now Packaged for Baxter Research

Guillaume Robert
by Guillaume Robert. Last updated on Apr 07, 2015 2:34 PM
Posted on Apr 01, 2014 1:30 AM. 2 min read time

2 finger robot gripper on baxter rethink robotics 336pxFollowing the latest Software update by Rethink Robotics for Baxter, our engineering team here at Robotiq has developed a package for the research version of this collaborative robot and our 2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper - 85

Providing More Flexible Gripping to an already Flexible Robot Platform

The research version of Baxter can now benefit from the capabilities and flexibility of the 2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper. This could mean having one robot using a pair of Robotiq grippers to handle a wide variety of parts in a single application, such as kitting or packaging, or having a Baxter robot that is easily transferable from one application to another without changing anything in terms of robotic tooling.

As you can see in the following video, the research version of Baxter with the 2-Finger Gripper handles four different diameter and length of pipe in different positions for a packaging application.


Packaged to Make Integration Easy

To make integration as easy as possible for end users, Robotiq has bundled a package to install the 2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper. From installation on the robot to the use of the Robot Gripper on the Research version of Baxter, end users will find all the necessary support they will need, namely:

  • The 2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper - 85, its controller and cabling
  • The specific mechanical coupling to install the Robot Gripper on Baxter's robot arm
  • A ROS stack to easily program the Gripper
  • A "How-to" video showing how to install the Robot Gripper on Baxter's robot arm
  • A "How-to" video showing how to install the ROS Software stack in the Baxter Research Program
  • A general "How-to" guide to have on hand explaining all the important information you will need.

Now putting the Robotiq 2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper and Rethink Robotics' Baxter research robot together as a team couldn't be easier. Go ahead try it out!


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Guillaume Robert
Written by Guillaume Robert
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