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Unveiling UR30 and AX30: A Breakthrough in Robotic Solutions

Nicolas Lauzier
by Nicolas Lauzier. Last updated on Dec 01, 2023 10:10 AM
Posted on Dec 01, 2023 8:58 AM. 5 min read time

As Robotiq's Senior Product Manager, along with our CEO Samuel Bouchard, I am thrilled to present Robotiq’s eBook about the latest innovation released by Universal Robots, the new UR30, a 30kg payload cobot model. We also seize this opportunity to announce the launch of the AX30, the latest Robotiq Palletizing Solution to empower this new cobot. This marks a significant moment in the robotics ecosystem, opening doors to a more advanced and efficient turnkey palletizing solution. This article will give you access to the complete eBook about the new products released, present the key elements of the solution and unveil the implications of these groundbreaking developments.

Access the complete eBook about the New Universal Robot UR30 & the Robotiq AX30 Palletizing Solution 

The Robotiq eBook reveals the technical specifications and the numerous advantages of the UR30 and the Robotiq AX30 Palletizing Solution crafted to elevate the cobot performances to unmatched levels. All you need to know in one document.


  • UR30 technical specifications and target markets
  • Robotiq AX30 Palletizing Solution performances and pricing
  • Solution’s expected return on investment
  • Insights and forecasts on the collaborative robots industry

Download it here 


UR30: Lightweight and High-Performance

UR30 is a compact collaborative robot with high-performance capabilities built on the latest joint technology, boasting remarkable lifting capacity for its payload. UR30 thus unlocks many new applications requiring higher payload and restricted by a small footprint. 

“The new UR30 and the AX30 Robotiq Palletizing Solution will open doors to industries requiring higher payload capacity within a limited footprint. We’re happy to witness Universal Robots' rapid innovation and to offer a new palletizing solution that empowers it.”

— Samuel Bouchard, CEO at Robotiq

Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 4.29.25 PM


Evolution from UR16 to UR30

Drawing comparisons to the UR16's launch, the UR30 is expected to have an even greater impact. As Nicolas pointed out, the UR30 maintains the reach of the widely adopted UR10, while boasting more than double the payload capacity. This groundbreaking advancement paves the way for a multitude of new and exciting applications.


AX30: Linear Axis for Palletizing

Robotiq’s reasoning behind choosing a linear axis over a fixed pedestal for palletizing applications is mainly the reach. Shorter and stronger, the UR30 would be too limited with a pedestal. For the vast majority of the applications, we firmly believe that it will require a linear axis, which will also benefit the UR20. 


Industries and Applications

Many industries will benefit from the AX30 Palletizing Solution. While reaffirming its presence in food and consumer goods markets, industries like specialized beverages, small furniture, construction materials, and alternative parts will gain from adopting the AX30 cobot palletizing solution. The extended payload capacity of the AX30 is seen as a gateway to tapping into previously unexplored markets, helping more manufacturers solve challenges like labor shortages, production increases, or ergonomic issues. 


Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 4.45.45 PM


AX30 vs. Industrial Robot Solutions

A crucial question emerged: Why choose AX30 Palletizing Solution over traditional robot solutions? The key advantage is clear: footprint. The comparison between the compact footprint of the AX30 Robotiq Palletizing Solution and the larger footprint of typical industrial robot solutions showcased AX30's potential for cost-effectiveness and ease of integration. Discover our case study around the Bread Manufacturer who chose cobot palletizing automation over traditional automation. 


Using the Configurator

For those curious about the applicability of the AX30 in their specific scenarios, you can now test Robotiq's Online Simulator and Configurator. This tool allows users to test different robots and tooling configurations for their applications. Our coaching team can help you build your personalized simulation: simply contact us and let’s get started.


Ordering and Timeline

The AX30 Palletizing Solution is already available for preorders and should be delivered by summer 2024. If your packaged product weighs under 18 kg (40 lb), there's a high possibility that you can achieve full automation as early as next month by simply placing an order for the PE20 Palletizing Solution or another member of our product family. 

Explore the Robotiq Palletizing Solutions and transform your palletizing process today. Discover the possibilities and elevate your operations to new heights with us. 

Download the UR30/AX30 eBook here 

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