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Getting Started with Collaborative Robots: a 5 Step Practical Guide

Karine Simard
by Karine Simard on Nov 18, 2015 5:30:00 AM

We all know industrial automation is the key to increasing production productivity and reducing production costs. That's easy to say, but how do we get there? Where should we start?


This is where Robotiq comes in. We are excited about introducing our new resource: Getting Started with Collaborative Robots. This email series will guide you on the way to your first robotic automation project.

In this 5 parts series, you’ll receive one email every week covering the important steps to be ready to integrate a collaborative robot on your shop floor. The emails covers the following information:

  • What collaborative robots can do in the manufacturing process
  • How to identify automation potential in your factory
  • How to get your workforce inboard with automation and robots
  • How to assess which manufacturing cells should be automated
  • How to present your case to management

Are you ready? Are you interested in more information on how easy it can be to add a robot to your shop?  Subscribe now!

Subscribe to the free 5 part course here!

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Karine Simard
Written by Karine Simard
Karine is a journalism-school graduate turned marketer with a side-step in sales and the addition of an MBA to complete her understanding of business. She has documented, marketed and sold products in the high-tech industry, from power monitors to people counters, enterprise software and telecom testing solutions. She cares about team dynamics, marketing and generating quality leads for her teammates in sales. Her mission is to bring sales and marketing teams together into one happy revenue-generating machine.
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