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Define Safety Planes Like a Pro

Amanda Lee
by Amanda Lee. Last updated on Apr 26, 2018 9:36 AM
Posted on Apr 26, 2018 9:21 AM. 3 min read time

What's happening on DoF this week?

  • Help out some Pros in setting their safety planes!
  • Have you ever used mobile platforms in machine tending applications before?
  • Our R&D Director, Nicolas_Lauzierwants your input!

Learn more from automation Pros here!

Define Safety Planes Like a Pro


An older discussion on normal and reduced safety settings, started by Abeachy_HG24, resurfaced this week. Matthewd92 suggested one approach: define safety planes with two simple waypoints.

But Harini26 and Meeksy are still having trouble setting their safety planes. Take a look at their concerns – maybe you can give them some advice!

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Share the Mobile Platforms You're Using in Machine Tending Applications


Matt_minner wants to know which mobile platforms you’ve been using for machine tending applications. One of his clients is building its own platform for a UR10, and he’s curious about best practices. Maxlavigueur suggested the Vention platform. Let everyone know if you've got any other suggestions!

Offset Waypoints in Programs on a UR Robot

Our R&D Director, Nicolas_Lauzier, is looking for a script, tool or built-in option in Polyscope!

He wants to know how to offset all waypoints without having to change the TCP if the points were taught with the "Use Tool Flange" option. Have any ideas? Check what Matthewd92 suggested and help Nic out!

 Did we miss anything? Ask the Pros on DoF!

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Amanda Lee
Written by Amanda Lee
As an e-marketing coordinator, Amanda focuses on Robotiq's content management. With her background in marketing, she hopes to bring valuable, relevant, and consistent content to our audience through the blog, social media and video center.
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