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Welding Robots Can Now Be Taught by Demonstration

Guillaume Robert
by Guillaume Robert. Last updated on May 05, 2016 4:28 PM
Posted on Nov 07, 2013 11:11 AM. 2 min read time

robotic-welding-robot-welderRobotiq officially releases Kinetiq Teaching™– a new technology to quickly and easily task welding robots without requiring in-depth programming knowledge. Get the white paper of this add-on solution here.

For a long time robotic welding has been a complex solution that needs to gather 4 key factors in order to make it profitable for a company:

  • A programming expert in-house to set the robotic application;
  • The welding knowledge in-house to fine-tune the welding settings;
  • A high volume of parts, and;
  • A highly repetitive welding task.

Even if the robotic welding applications have been profitable for large manufacturers, who are producing a high volume of parts, things are a lot different for medium and small businesses. Indeed, most of the time, these manufacturers do not gather all of the 4 key factors which make robotic welding applications effective and profitable. This is why we have designed Kinetiq Teaching.

Making Welding Robot Teaching More Intuitive

welding-robot-robotic-collaborative-robotThrough this new add-on solution, welders or operators are able to physically hand-guide the robot welder and program welding tasks by selecting welding options via an intuitive touch screen interface on the teach pendant. No more complex lines of code to deal with, no more searching for instructions in an infinite list.

By greatly reducing the programming knowledge required to teach a task to a robot, Robotiq wants to leverage welders' knowledge and make robotic welding accessible and profitable to small and medium businesses.

This new technology represents a great opportunity for companies to:

  • Allow a skilled employee (or any operator) to intuitively program a robot;
  • Save 20% - 50% on robot programming time;
  • Make a quick return on investment for high-mix, low-volume applications.

Learn in detail how this new robotic welding package works here.

Watch the video to have an overview of this robotic solution.



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Guillaume Robert
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