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Robotic Simulation Software : V-REP

Catherine Bernier
by Catherine Bernier. Last updated on May 05, 2016 5:11 PM
Posted on Jul 18, 2014 12:02 PM. 4 min read time

v-rep, coppelia, robotics, end effector

A lot of technologies have been developed over the years to robotize manufacturing processes. Today, there are many manufacturers and even more products to fulfill any need in robotics. Different integrations between products can be made in order to create the perfect robotic device for any intended application. For example, you could use a robot arm with an end effector installed on a mobile platform and make it move around the shop. But, since there are many different products on the market, it might be quite puzzling to find the right fit. Coppelia Robotics offers a great solution to simulate your robotic cell : V-REP, virtual robot experimentation platform.

This software has many features to help you experiment with your installation before buying your robotic devices. 


Coppelia Robotics presents V-REP as the "Swiss army knife" among robotic simulators since it has more functions, features and more elaborate APIs than any other software. Here is an overview of its features.

Model Browser

This feature is quite interesting because a complete library of robots, end effectors, mobile platforms, conveyors and more can be add to the software to speedily set up simulations. The simple drag-and-drop action during a simulation will help any user to quickly see if the integration is possible.

Here is an example where the Robotiq 2-finger Adaptive Gripper - 85 was used for a simulation with KUKA LWR 4+.

In conclusion, this software is also available in an open source version. So, this tool can be very useful for finding the best cell configuration and the best integration between the various robotic devices on the market.


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Catherine Bernier
Written by Catherine Bernier
Catherine is an Application Engineer here at Robotiq. Drawing from her expertise with manufacturing processes, production management and business management in general, her main focus is helping her clients find the solutions that will best serve their needs. If you have any questions about Robotiq's products and how they can serve your application, get in touch with her at
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