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Demo Week Highlights

Amanda Lee
by Amanda Lee on Feb 9, 2017 7:00:00 AM

What's trending on DoF this week? Demo week kick-off, circle move looped twice, security planes, use of Arduino to control 2-Finger Gripper and much more. Get the latest news from automation Pros!

Demo Week Kick-Off

Shout-out to Sebastienchristianh and matthewd92 who participated in demo week and shared with us their most proud demos. Take a look at In-Position Technologies's awesome demo where the robot spells a message. There's still time to show us what you can do!



Looping Two Circle Moves 

We have a challenge for you! Mhowe is working on an application where he needs to make two circles. He wants the UR to seamlessly transition to the second loop. Can you help him program the robot so it doesn't stop or skip after the first loop? 

Security Planes

Afsaar created two security planes where the robot will work normally (N) in the middle of the plane and go to reduced mode (R) outside the plane, such as shown in the left drawing. However, when creating the reverse plane (right drawing), the robot will work in reduce mode everywhere. Why is that? Share your answer here! 


Using Arduino to Control 2-Finger Gripper

Stevenholwerda is working on control strategies for 2-Finger Gripper robots as his thesis project. Robotiq's 2-Finger 140 Gripper seems ideal for his project but he's wondering about different methods available to control the device. Do you have a microprocessor to recommend or any other similar strategy for this type of application?

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Amanda Lee
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