Torque Turning 

Use the FT Sensor to tighten an assembly up to a certain torque along the wrist Z axis

The torque tightening program template allows to perform a torque tightening assembly application along UR wrist’s Z axis. It can be used in assembly tasks requiring tightening - screwing - of two parts together. This template uses the FT 300 feedback in order to tighten parts up to a defined torque. This allows to have repeatability in assembly where a torque tightening is needed. The FT 300 adds the forces and torques feedback to the robot arm. It is therefore able to complete the assembly task, including torque tightening of parts with the appropriate moment.Torque Tightening.png

What is provided:

  • Demo video demonstrating the application of the program template provided
  • UR program template
  • Step-by-step procedure detailed