Do Collaborative Robots Really Live up to the Hype? 

It seems that nowadays, everybody is talking about collaborative robots and how they can accelerate production lines, boost quality control and resolve a wide variety of HR issues (lack of manpower, occupational health and safety issues, you name it).

But in reality, do they really live up to the hype? Aren’t collaborative robots really expensive? They must be complicated to implement and use, right?

Let Robotiq give you a different (and pragmatic) perspective.

Top concern: They're too complicated to implement and use

Robotiq’s take: No they're not! Have you ever heard of an SME using cobots to automate a machine-tending application in under a week? Or a large manufacturer using cobots to double its production with the same floor space?

Well, stories like these are written every day by factories who choose human and robots collaboration in order to achieveand typically exceedtheir production targets.

We’re constantly updating our products to give you more features. Take the newest free software update to Robotiq’s FT 300-S Force Torque Sensor, for example. With its Insertion node and Find Surface features you can now easily configure a robot for precise insertion in minutes. Try it out!

Get the FT 300-S URCap

Check out these videos to learn more! 


Insert your part in seconds



Machine tending: Find your surface in seconds


Still wondering how collaborative robots could fit into your factory? Robotiq is offering you a FREE and exclusive proof of concept service that allows you to take advantage of our experts’ know-how to build a proof of concept, using collaborative robots, that is just right for your unique production environment or application.