Ebook and Free Resource Emails : Force Sensors in Robotics Research


In this eBook, you'll get resources, tips and a whole lot of other information about force sensors, including: 

  • Choosing force sensors for research: what force sensing means for robotics research, what are the different types of force sensors, and how to choose the right force sensor for your research project?
  • Using force sensors in research: common research applications for force sensors, how to interface with force sensors, and getting started with force control.
  • Designing experiments with force: how to use force sensors to gather experimental data, integrating force sensing with ROS, and best practices for presenting force data in research results.

You will also be subscribed to a free, 4-part email series. These emails provide loads of links to free information to help you move forward with force sensing in your research:

  • How to buy a force sensor for robotics research?
  • Where to learn more about force sensors in robotics?
  • How to troubleshoot a force sensor?
  • How to present force data in research publications?


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