Beta Program Application: 2-Finger Gripper Tactile Sensor



The tactile sensor built by Robotiq is an ultrasensitive multimodal tactile sensor that can measure pressure, contact location, and vibration. Designed to be installed on the 2-Finger Gripper, the tactile sensor pads replace the usual fingertips and connect to a data acquisition module at the base of the 2-Finger Gripper.

Softwademetan8-1.pngre is then used to interpret data from the tactile sensors, to determine the quality of the good grasp.

More information on the philosophy behind the Robotiq 2-Finger Gripper Tactile Sensor is available here.

Program requirements

The chosen beta testers commit to the following:

  1. Be available to test the 2-Finger Gripper Tactile Sensors during January and February 2017
  2. Provide a 2-Finger Gripper for use with the sensors
  3. Propose an  industrial application for the sensors
  4. Upon reception, install the sensors on the 2-Finger Gripper and test the proposed application
  5. Test and comment on the features of the sensors
  6. Help us validate the ruggedness of the technology by performing tests on the sensors for a minimum number of 1000 cycles
  7. Provide data to Robotiq, including sensor data, pictures and videos of the application tested.
  8. Participate in a 30-minute interview with Robotiq to share your global appreciation of the technology
  9. At the end of the testing period, return the 2-Finger Gripper Tactile Sensors, accompanying hardware, software and data to Robotiq.

Robotiq commits to the following:

  1. Robotiq will loan a set of 2-Finger Gripper Tactile Sensors to install on one 2-Finger 85, free of charge. This includes hardware and software.
  2. Robotiq will provide an installation procedure and a point of contact for technical support questions.
  3. Robotiq will share relevant data learned during the beta program.
  4. Should Robotiq choose to bring the product to market, it will offer the beta testers the opportunity to purchase first production units in priority at a 50% discount.