Adding Extra Sensors to your Cobot:  


Extra sensors allow you to use a collaborative robot for even more tasks in your process. They can correct for inaccuracies in object placement, orientation and shape. They can make the robot easier to program, improve robot safety and even improve the performance of the robot. It all depends on which sensor you choose. But, which sensor is right for your application? What are the benefits and challenges for integrating each type of sensor? How can you decide if you need extra sensors at all?

In this eBook you'll learn about:

  • How to assess the benefits of extra sensors, to find out if they are right for your business needs?Cover_Ebook_Extra_Sensors.png 
  • Examples of applications and how different sensors can improve them. 
  • The top four sensors for collaborative robots.
  • Which factors affect sensor integration, including communication options and programming capabilities in your business?

You will also receive a three part email series with practical steps on:

  • How to decide if an extra sensor is right for your collaborative robot application?
  • How to choose which sensor is the best for your particular tasks?
  • How to get the rest of the team on board with your proposal?