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Be Part of the First DoF Demo Week!

Amanda Lee
by Amanda Lee on Feb 2, 2017 7:00:00 AM

What's trending on DoF this week? Demo week has started, using a pin to gauge the hole, polishing with Universal Robots, starting modbus from run screen and much more. Get the latest news from automation Pros!

Demo Week Has Started

We are kicking-off demo week on DoF. Show off your demos and help the pros working on similar projects. It's time to share your knowledge and expertise! Don't forget to add videos, pictures and your robot programs. Take a look back at Tyler Martin's pallet sequence programming below.



Using a Pin to Gauge the Hole

A Pro needs your help. He's trying to measure a hole with a gauge,  using the camera to locate the hole. His challenge is to fit the gauge with more precision without using a force torque sensor. Do you have any ideas?

Polishing with Universal Robots


Tim_Smith is currently working on a polishing project using a UR5 and FT300 Sensor. He is running a loop with four waypoints but the robot pauses between the 4th and the 1st waypoints when going through the loop for a second time. Do you have any advice on how to remove or reduce this waiting time?

Starting Modbus From Run Screen

Do you know how to start the modbus client from the run screen of the UR? If so, let matthewd92 know! He noticed there is no way to hit the refresh icon on the run screen once the robot is turned on.

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Amanda Lee
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