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Check This Out: 40 Universal Robots in One Room!

David Maltais
by David Maltais on Sep 10, 2017 2:47:02 PM

This is it. The Robotiq team is getting ready to Rock the #RUC2017!

Have you ever thought about installing 40 Universal Robots UR5 in one room? Well, this is exactly what we did today at the Bonne Entente Hotel, home of the Robotiq User Conference.

An army of 40 people from Robotiq, Universal Robots, Vention  and Sonoptik helped build this impressive setup, which will be used during the second day of the RUC to allow our partners and invited end-users to put what they've learned on day one to the test.

Here's a recap of a busy but funny day making the RUC come to life!

1-429126520899.jpgAn empty ball room awaits us in the morning

2-638.jpgEveryone is on task, building tables for a few hours

3.1.jpgThose tables are so much fun to assemble!

Life is always better when you smile

Tables are assembled, UR5 are getting installed

Our friends from Universal Robots flew from Denmark and the USA!


This is getting real...!


No time to spare, we're building the biggest cobots setup ever

Bonne Entente Hotel staff can't wait for the RUC to begin!

We're all set! Stay tuned to see this factory in action during the #RUC2017

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David Maltais
Written by David Maltais
After a few years working as a journalist, David switched to corporate communications and public relations. He focuses on spreading Robotiq's voice around the world via medias, partners and influencers of the automation and manufacturing industries.
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